Market-leading COVID-19 PCR testing

HALO offers one of the most accurate and simple COVID-19 PCR tests available. As a private provider we offer a complete range of testing options, including for Day 2 and Day 8 travel testing and for the Test to Release scheme. With almost 100% accuracy you can rely upon our simple and affordable tests to give you the confidence to get moving again.

‘The best spit test on the market’, The Sunday Times

Who is HALO?

The HALO team includes world-class science, technology and logistics experts brought together by British business people who want to help find solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic. The team is based at the Imperial College i-Hub in West London.

Rapid, accurate and
affordable testing

We use non-invasive, saliva-based testing, without the need for nose and throat swabs, to provide accurate results, simply and without discomfort. Once received by our labs we provide certified results within 24 hours* by email, online and in-app.

The science behind HALO

Our state-of-the-art automated labs extract RNA from your saliva sample and test for a gene that is only present in SARS-CoV-2 using RT-qPCR, enabling us to detect the virus even before symptoms start to show. This delivers almost 100% accuracy and reduces inconclusive testing to less than 2%.

Door-to-door service

Through our safe and COVID-19-secure door-to-door courier service we drop off and pick up your tests at your convenience. Simply purchase your test and once completed call for collection.

In-app tracking and

Monitor and track the progress of your test online or through our secure and user-friendly app. We will let you know when your test is received by our lab, is being processed and when to expect your results. You will receive a verification certificate with your results that can be downloaded or stored for proof of a negative test.

*Test results provided within 24 hours of being received at our labs. Please note: Return courier service must be booked by 3pm for test to be collected next day. Completed tests picked up Monday through Friday for next day delivery to our labs, with results due 24 hours later.