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With several tests for COVID-19 on the market it can be confusing which to choose. Below we highlight the main types of test and the differences between them.

There are 3 common tests used to detect COVID-19:

  1. Lateral flow tests – quick and cheap, but are limited in accuracy and rely on high levels of infection (viral load), which increases the risk of infection to others.
  2. HALO LAMP tests – use saliva samples, opposed to a nasal swab, and provide rapid results, often in under 90 minutes. They can also detect the virus before symptoms develop, reducing the risk of infection to others.
  3. RT-qPCR tests – the gold standard of testing. HALO RT-qPCR tests also use saliva to provide almost 100% accurate results, often in under 24 hours.

To find out more about how the HALO COVID-19 PCR test works click here.