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The UK Government has this week approved Halo’s new Day 2 and 8 saliva-based PCR testing service for international travelling, supporting the safe easing of lockdown restrictions in England, Wales, Scotland and NI.

Offering convenience, safety and speed, the Halo Day 2 and 8 test is a lifeline to those wishing to travel safely cross-border, whether for work or to visit loved ones. The COVID test is available with door-to-door courier and pick-up services, with results available on the app within as little as 24 hours. Priced at just £89, the test is also one of the most affordable options available.

A key feature of the Day 2 and 8 test is the use of saliva for testing, rather than uncomfortable nose and throat swabs which can be prone to error if not supervised by medical professionals. The simplicity of the test ensures greater accuracy, which is further supported by our dedicated lab at Imperial College London, resulting in a success rate of over 99%. With the added benefit of a secure verification certificate of testing, Halo’s testing service will be central to combating COVID-related travel uncertainty.

For anyone wishing to travel to or from countries on the UK government’s “green” or “amber” lists, Halo’s saliva-based PCR test offers reassurance for safe travel and returning to the UK. The RT-qPCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests are generally required to cross international borders and, with UK government approval, will soon be commonplace across UK transport hubs.

Jonathan Biles, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at HALO said: “With our new Day 2 and 8 test service, we will provide British travellers with a painless, safe, reliable and cost-effective way to approach travel. We are seeing too many companies launch COVID testing services that take advantage of the British love of travel and then abuse that trust by delivering a second-rate service at inflated prices.”

“Our new Day 2 and 8 testing service will continue our relentless focus on quality. With a test success rate of over 99%, our own first-class lab at Imperial College London and a UK based customer support team operating 24 hours a day seven days a week, we pride ourselves on offering the most complete, best-value testing service available.”

To find out more about Halo’s COVID testing services, visit our dedicated test pages and see which test is right for your travel needs.