As a GOV.UK approved testing provider we are working urgently with UKAS to certify HALO for Day2/Day 8 testing. This will be available as soon as possible.

How to take the test


Our test is easy to use, can be done at home without supervision and does not require nose and throat swabs that can lead to discomfort. To take your test please download the HALO app and follow the simple instructions:

Call to book collection, take test on day of collection and do not eat, drink or smoke 30 minutes before test
Take test on day of collection, scan or enter the barcode into the app and open test
Inspect liquid level in tube and screw on funnel
Spit into tube through funnel until liquid is up to 4ml mark
Remove funnel, screw on cap and shake
Clean tube with wipe provided and place in transport bag
Check confirmation of test in ‘My Tests’, place sample in envelope and seal. Your test is ready for collection
Check your results in ‘My Tests’, 24 hours after receipt by the lab