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The COVID-19 test described by The Sunday Times as “the best spit test on the market” has continued to receive high praise in the UK media, with 5 more publications featuring the PCR testing kit.

The nationwide coverage was sparked by the UK government’s approval for the saliva-based COVID testing to be used for arrivals into UK airports, rather than PCR (or swab) tests. Halo is the first saliva-based test to receive this approval, paving the way for a faster, smoother and more comfortable return to normality for millions of travellers as lockdown restrictions are eased.

Much of the press coverage focused on the speed and ease of Halo’s COVID testing services; with no need for invasive swabbing or the supervision of a medical professional, the Day 2 and 8 testing service offers users convenient testing with unrivalled accuracy.

The Sun dedicated three separate pages to Halo’s services and the Daily Express compared the various testing methods, while travel publications Travel Weekly, Business Traveller and TTG praised Halo’s affordability. 

The coverage represents the positive reception Halo’s COVID testing services have already enjoyed, due to its ease-of-use and fast, accurate results. With complex and fast-changing travel guidelines in place around the world, for travellers the simplicity and speed of Halo’s services provide much-needed, lab-certified safety and security.

Once tested, travellers receive a secure verification certification which they can download or print for use as proof of testing, while door-to-door couriers and app-based results ensure the testing process is as safe and simple as possible.

In many of the publications, Halo Founder Jonathan Biles dedication to providing “British travellers with a painless, safe, reliable and cost-effective way to approach travel” was quoted. The press coverage also noted Halo’s “success rate of over 99 per cent” and “first-class lab at Imperial College London”.

 To find out more about Halo’s range of rapid COVID testing services, or order your test kit today in preparation for travel, visit our website.