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The world's most effective virus screening solution.

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Get tested. Get verified. And get back to business.

HALO™ is a British biotech that has developed a cheaper, more sensitive and faster saliva-based virus testing system designed to get business back to work as the world recovers from the COVID-19 crisis.

As well as a more effective test, the HALO system integrates an encrypted verification app and advanced logistics in a complete enterprise-level solution.

The HALO team is led by EpiPen inventor Craig Rochford PhD alongside biotech and computer scientists from Oxford University. HALO is already working with a number of professional services, transport and other organisations.

Here's how the HALO system works

Your personal test kit delivered every week

HALO is a complete virus screening system. Once an organisation has joined HALO, users download the fully encrypted app. Individual packs are delivered containing an easy to use, painless test kit. As soon the sample is returned to the lab robots put it through the most sensitive, fastest PCR process available. Results are sent direct to the app with a personal verification code which is updated with a weekly retest.

The user can then get on with their life - whether that's doing business, studying, travelling or enjoying an event with others - confident that those around them are also virus free. The cost is around the same as average private health insurance, and less than half that of the cheapest swab-based test.

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